Intellectual Podcast №3

Mental Wealth 

Our next speaker of the Intellectual Podcast is Dr. Andy Cope, a qualified teacher, best-selling author, happiness expert and recovering academic.

Working in education can be both physically and emotionally exhausting. Your wellbeing is the key to performance, productivity, creativity, motivation and resilience. Multiply that across the staffroom and your school will be buzzing!

The aim of this session is to rediscover the meaning of life (let’s aim high!) and find happiness by changing the way you think, which cascades through your emotions, behaviours and life. This episode is designed to be fabulous fun and the messages are transferrable to work and home.

It has a real-world perspective. If we cannot wave a magic wand and make life’s challenges go away, then the only way forward is to realise that these challenges are your life. Andy sets out practical ways to enable you to help yourself. The overall aim is to unlock access to your internal resources enabling you to do more than ‘cope’ with the stresses of life, but to see things differently, change your mind-set and improve resilience.