X NIS International Research-to-Practice Conference

Next Generation Schools

25-26 October 2018

Information for Conference Participants

On this page, you can read fuller information on the conference requirements.
  1. Requirements for Papers
  2. Presenting at the Conference
  3. Requirements for Posters
  4. Information for Session Chairs and Discussants
  5. Requirements for Academic Articles for the Conference Proceedings
  6. Information on the Educational Exhibition

1. Requirements for Papers

Thank you for your interest in speaking at the NIS International Conference. We hope that it will be an enjoyable and benefical experience for you, and that the contacts that you make and feedback that you gain will help you further your research in future.
You may submit an abstract via our online system. Please indicate the title of your submission (maximum 20 words), provide a full abstract (600-1000 words), and include a list of references (maximum 400 words). 
Next, you should indicate your choice(s) of network. 
The basic requirement is that all submissions should be relevant to preschool, primary and/or secondary education. 
Papers submitted will be assessed by five criteria:
  • The language of the paper should be clear and understandable
  • The research discussed should be original, systematic and substantial.
  • The research should be empirical or analytic in nature, rather than merely descriptive.
  • The paper should make clear the theoretical framework, methodology, research methods, background, results and conclusions of the authors.
  • Literature supporting the research should be clearly and consistently cited.
Priority will be given to papers with a focus on preschool, primary and/or secondary education in the Commonwealth of Independent States.
Your paper will be reviewed by a member of the Research Department, and by a specialist from the particular network in question. We will try to contact you within 20 working days with the result of our academic review. Papers will either be accepted, rejected, or returned for resubmission.
If you have any questions about the academic review process, please don’t hesitate to contact us on submissions (@) nis.edu.kz. 

2. Presenting at the Conference

Now that your abstract has been accepted, you register separately to be a participant in the conference. Please click this link, to find out more about participating in the NIS International Conference.
It is essential that you provide slides in three languages (Kazakh, Russian and English) by 15 September 2018.
If you have had your paper accepted and decide for whatever reason not to present, please let us know asap by writing to conference (at) nis.edu.kz. Failure to attend will distrupt the individual session, and inconvenience those who would have enjoyed learning about your research.
In breakout sessions, speakers are allocated the following time for presenting:
  • Two speakers in the session: 30 minutes per presentation;
  • Three speakers in the session: 20 minutes per presentation;
  • Four speakers in the session: 15 minutes per presentation; and,
  • Five speakers in the session: 12 minutes per presentation.
The participation in the conference entitles presenters to inclusion in the conference proceedings, subject to academic review. Further information is given in Point 5.

3. Requirements for Posters

Posters should provide an overview of research you have conducted with deep analysis of the data collected.
The poster should contain the following sections:
  • Statement of purpose and topicality;
  • Research questions;
  • Methodology and research methods;
  • Results and analysis;
  • Conclusions; and,
  • List of literature.
Posters should be A1 size. The poster should contain a title, font size of at least 28 pt., and should use consistent design and colour schemes throughout. Leave margins. Text should be left-aligned, and it is recommended that the text cover not more than 50% of the total area of the poster. Distractions from the principal purpose of the poster, namely communicating research findings, are not welcome.
The accompanying oral presentation of the poster should last 3-5 minutes.
You can find examples of posters on the NIS SK website, or in the collection of posters available through any NIS school library.

4. Information for Session Chairs

Each session shall last for 90 minutes.
In breakout sessions, speakers are allocated the following time for presenting:
  • Two speakers in the session: 30 minutes per presentation;
  • Three speakers in the session: 20 minutes per presentation;
  • Four speakers in the session: 15 minutes per presentation; and,
  • Five speakers in the session: 12 minutes per presentation.
In total, therefore, 60 minutes are allocated for presentations, with the remaining 30 minutes split between opening and closing remarks from the session chair and question and answer time with the speakers.

Notes for Session Chairs

Before the session begins:
  • Examine the programme and request beforehand any additional materials you require;
  • Familiarise yourself with speakers’ short biographical notes, read their papers, and, if possible, introduce yourself to the speakers;
  • Inform speakers of the session timings, and the timing signals; and,
  • Ensure that powerpoints, prezis, OOO Impress files etc. are ready in advance on the computer, and that speakers’ technical needs have been met.
During the session:
  • Greet the audience, introducing yourself, the purpose of the session, and the speakers.
  • Provide timing signals to speakers;
  • Provide a very brief bridge between speakers, thanking the outgoing speaker, and mentioning the name and talk title of the incoming speaker.
  • Politely, but firmly, interrupt speakers who overrun, thanking them for their contribution;
  • Go over to the floor for the discussion, once all speakers have spoken;
  • Raise points of discussion arising from the speakers’ presentations;
  • Stimulate a lively, open and intellectually-honest question and answer session from participants;
  • After the question and answer session has finished, close, thanking the speakers and audience for their participation.

5. Requirements for Academic Articles

A Proceedings volume for the NIS International Research-to-Practice Conference is expected to be published. If you wish your article to be included in the Proceedings volume, please send your article to serkeshbayeva_g@cpm.kz (in Kazakh), abisheva_d@cpm.kz (in Russian), tursunbayev_m@cpm.kz (in English) by 23:00 (Astana time) on October 26, 2018.
Requirements for academic articles in three languages may be accessed via the following link.

6. Information on the Educational Exhibition

Exhibitors with stalls or materials relevant to the educational process are invited to participate in our educational exhibition. The exhibition will run concurrent to the main conference. Exhibitors are expected to keep their stalls manned 08.00-16.00 on both days of the conference. Setup for the exhibition will take place the day before the conference. Regarding the participation in the exhibition, please contact: altaiuly_n(at)nis.edu.kz.
Participation in the exhibition costs 200,000 tenge.
For more information, please contact conference@nis.edu.kz.