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Andrey Komissarov


Andrey Komissarov is a methodologist-game practitioner and an educational data engineer. For over 15 years he has studied the issues of education methods. He is the author of collecting the digital footprint methods in a form of educational data engineering, motivationoriented adaptive learning method, behavioral pattern identification method for increasing student engagement, and an author of more than 130 commercially realized educational and diagnostic games. He is the head of the Data-based Development of the 2035 University, teaches at HSE and at Yuna private school. He is also the head of the NGO Game Education and is a father of four.

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Date: 12.11


10:00 – 12:00
Nur-Sultan time

Keynote speech

Working with digital footprint and data-centric practices in education

The need to generate quality knowledge is growing, and with it the complexity of curricula, and the linear preparation methods no longer work in this context. Perception of information, the extent to which learning material and its presentation correspond to student goals and expectations, assessment of education efficiency, and even the teaching style, all of this is required for the curriculum to produce results, especially in the online format. As part of the Keynote, we will discuss what educational data is, why it is important to tag and collect the digital footprint, how to tag educational achievement and how semantic analysis of student reflection works.