XII International Research-to-Practice Conference

Conference Proceedings

11-12 November 2021

Session Presentations 2 (15.45-16.30)


2.1 The importance of teacher leadership in «Teach Less Learn More».

Pak Tee NG, professor at the Nanyang Technological University National Institute of Education, Singapore


2.2. Features of electronic texts for the development of reading literacy (video in Russian).

Gulmira KOZHAMKULOVA, senior manager, Centre for Educational Programmes


2.3. Digital leadership: Changing paradigms in changing times.

Eric SHENINGER, Digital Leadership Expert, International Centre for  Leadership in Education, USA


2.4. Lessons learned from life in primary school: Science and practice.

Dominic WYSE, professor of Early Childhood and Primary Education, University College London Institute of Education, president of the British Educational Research Association, UK


2.5. Community-integrated school (video in Russian).

Darius RADKEVIČIUS, Vilnius City Council deputy, member of the Education and Culture Committee, Lithuania


2.6. Assessment of non-cognitive skills in education.

Romy NOORDHOF, Cito Lab, Netherlands


2.7. Contribution into the social good or youth impact-entrepreneurship (video in Russian).

Anar UTESHOVA, managing director, Social Development Fund of Nazarbayev University


2.8. Digital tools for a post Covid blended learning environment.

Jonathan BISHOP, CEO and executive headteacher, Cornerstone  Academy Trust, UK
David JAMES, Head of Education, Cornerstone Academy Trust, UK


2.9. Experience of British schools in the use of technology.

Mark ALLDAY, deputy principal, Sandringham School, UK