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Marguerite Clarke

Marguerite Clarke, PhD, is a Senior Education Specialist in the Education Global Practice at the World Bank and Manager of the READ Trust Fund program.

Since 2007, she has led the Bank’s work on learning and educational assessment systems. Previously, she held appointments at universities in Australia and the U.S. She also worked as a classroom teacher in the Chinese (teacher training college), Irish (elementary school), Japanese (high school), and U.S. (university and community college) education systems. In addition to assisting individual Bank client countries to improve their assessment systems, Marguerite is leading the development of evidence-based tools and approaches for evaluating and strengthening the quality of learning standards and assessment systems in general. A key contributor to several global task forces on learning and assessment, Dr. Clarke has published extensively on university rankings and quality measures; the impact of testing on teaching and learning; and the use of tests for promotion, graduation, and university admission decisions.

I  KERA International Conference, 9-11 February 2017: Keynote Speaker

Knowing What Students Know: Evidence, best practices, and what’s next

What should all students know and be able to do by the time they graduate from high school? What about by the time they graduate from TVET or university? What kinds of evidence of learning should count, for teachers, for future employers, and for the students themselves? This presentation offers a framework for thinking about these issues, and applies it to current and future trends in learning and skills assessment in Eurasia and the broader global context.