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Phil Lambert

Phil Lambert is Director of Phil Lambert Consulting Pty Ltd and an Adjunct Professor at the University of Sydney, Australia.

Dr Phil Lambert has extensive experience in education as a Assistant Director-General, Regional Director, Sydney and General Manager, Australian Curriculum where he recently led the development of Australia’s first national curriculum. He has authored books, presented keynotes at major international conferences and led key reviews and reforms. Dr Lambert is Adjunct Professor at the University of Sydney and Nanjing Normal University. He is a Fellow of the Australian Council for Educational Leaders and the Australian College of Educators (ACE), President of the NSW Australian College of Educators, Chair of the ACE National Council and a member on the ACE Board. Dr Lambert has received a number of honours. In the 2012 Queen’s Birthday Honours he was awarded the Public Service Medal for his outstanding contribution to education. He is currently leading the development of national curriculum reforms in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Brazil. He is also Curriculum Expert to the OECD Education 2030 Framework project. Phil contributes to the community in various ways. He is Deputy Chair of the national foundation to prevent violence against women, a Director on the Australian Government Financial Literacy Board and a member on the Children’s Court Advisory Committee. He is currently featured in an exhibition of 50 Positively Remarkable People from Sydney.

IX NIS International Research-to-Practice Conference, 26-27 October 2017: Keynote Speech

The Place of Values, Wellbeing and Innovation in Education Today and Tomorrow

In his keynote address, Dr Lambert will outline the place of values, wellbeing and innovation in the curriculum and more broadly within the school and community. Dr Lambert will provide insight into the recent global interest in these three priority areas by identifying the drivers and factors behind policy directions in and across different countries. In addition to current developments Dr Lambert will explain the expected changes in this three areas as a result of globalization, rapid change and obsolescence, and the ever increasing ethical, legal and social dilemmas.