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John Yan

Co-founder and CEO of Inknoe, Singapore

Dr. Yan is an innovative entrepreneur who loves technology and knows how to put them into good use. After 10 years of technology research in university, John co-founded Inknoe in 2015 to develop future-proof tools for next-generation education. Up to today Inknoe has developed a number of interactive teaching tools including smart boards, smart displays, flipped and BYOD learning software, etc, to address many of the existing pain points faced by teachers and students. Inknoe is working with prestigious institutions like the National University of Singapore (NUS), Nanyang Technological University, as well as many K-12 schools in Singapore and across the region. John holds a Ph.D. in Physics from NUS, Singapore.

XI NIS International Research-to-Practice Conference, 24-25 October 2019: Workshop

The Software for Success in KinderWorld Schools – The KinderWorld Teaching Model

The challenge of balancing cultural and pedagogical differences in a school system that caters for Asian students and employs Western teachers was the motivation for designing a teaching model for KinderWorld schools. The KinderWorld Teaching Model (KTM) is designed to shift students from a passive, dependent learning style to independent, confident life-long learners. The KTM is built around an explicit teaching approach to build mastery of core knowledge and skills before seeking to extend students through application of learning in higher order tasks. Linked to the concept of establishing a common core teaching approach across classrooms is the understanding that highly effective teaching improves student learning and consistency of teaching across a school maximizes the impact of the school on student success. This requires a commitment to instructional leadership from the Principal and school leadership team. The implementation of the KTM model is linked to the success of instructional leadership and pedagogical coaching which is facilitated through the use of SWIVL technology in KinderWorld schools.