XIII International Research-to-Practice
21–22 October 2022

22 Saturday
Hall 7
Second floor
Breakout sessions 4
4.1. Language through content (master class)

Classroom techniques for making key language visible
Phil Ball
CLIL trainer and author of books and textbooks, Spain

Gulzhan Rysbekkyzy
senior manager, NIS Centre for Educational Programmes

Room 221
Second floor
Breakout sessions 4
4.2. Integrated approach to the whole child development (master class)

Developing research skills of students through laboratory and practical work
Galiya Alzhanova
PhD candidate in Chemistry, Head of Department, NIS Centre for Educational Programmes
Gaukhar Zhanbulatova
Master of Chemistry, senior manager, NIS Centre for Educational Programmes

Developing emotional intelligence of students through different types of art
Anar Ospanova
Master of Arts, senior manager, NIS Centre for Educational Programmes
Bakhytzhan Duisenova
Master of Arts, senior manager, NIS Centre for Educational Programmes

Galiya Alzhanova
Head of Department, NIS Centre for Educational Programmes

Hall 8
First floor
Breakout sessions 4
4.3. Professional development of teachers in school teams

Building a school team: the experience of interaction between leading and partner schools
Gulnaz Abildayeva
school-lyceum No. 9, (Shymkent)
Gulfairuz Yerzhanova
Pushkin school-gymnasium No. 1, Shymkent

Development of Professional Competence of Teachers through Lesson Study
Zamira Shakirova
Yakorskaya secondary school, Kyzylzhar district, North Kazakhstan region
Alma Shashtauletova
Yakorskaya secondary school, Kyzylzhar district, North Kazakhstan region

Peer-to-peer: organisation of mentoring to support teachers at partner schools
Ruslan Sissenov
Zhanar Kurmanaliyeva
Kyrykbai Uzakbayev
Karmanov school-gymnasium No. 262, Aralsk

Experience in implementing STEM teaching in collaboration
Aigerim Koshanova
Zhanar Makhatova
Aizhan Amangeldi
IT school, Kokshetau

Sapura Zholdasbayeva
expert, NIS Centre of Excellence
Talash Ungarova
Director, NIS Centre of Excellence in Atyrau

Hall 4
First floor
Breakout sessions 4
4.4. Student well-being at school: strategies, innovations, and practices

A systemic, whole-school approach to students’ wellbeing
Carmel Cefai
professor, Faculty for Social Wellbeing (University of Malta)

Wellbeing: Social and emotional learning and ASPIRE
Sue Roffey
honorary professor at the University College, London, author, speaker & educational consultant, UK (recorded presentation, ZOOM Q&A)

21st Century Children: Emotional well-being and education in the digital age
Francesca Gottschalk
policy analyst, OECD, France

Olga Mozhayeva
advisor to the Chairperson of the Board, Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools AEO

Hall 6
second floor
Breakout sessions 4
4.5. Quality research in early childhood education

The Pen Green Centre: an overview of current Early Years practice
Tracy Gallagher
Angela Prodger
PenGreen Centre for children and families, UK

Are quest games effective?
Yuliya Len
International School of Astana
Aliya Almukhametova
International School of Astana

Arman Sultanov
senior manager, NIS Centre of Educational Programmes

Hall 2
First floor
Breakout sessions 4
4.6. Individual approach to learning – a new challenge of the 21st century

Digital Resources, Adaptive Technology, and Personalized Learning Today and Tomorrow!
DJ West
vice-president of professional services at McGraw Hill Education, USA

Talgat Demezhan
manager, NIS Development Department Manager

Recreation 1
Second floor
Breakout sessions 4
4.7. Presentation of Action Research results (group 6)

How Does the Use of the CLIL Methodology Contribute to the Development of Written Academic Speech Skills in 7th Grade Students in World History Lessons?
Aigerim Khaidarova
NIS P&M in Kostanay

Using the Word – Sentence – Paragraph (WSP) Approach to Develop Year 8 Students’ Summary Writing Through Reading Analysis
Zauresh Manabayeva
Baktygul Shaikhiyeva
NIS C&B in Kyzylorda

How to develop writing skill at the lessons of English in Grade 8?
Bakytgul Yermanova
Valeriya Golovintseva
NIS C&B in Pavlodar

The Implementation of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) as one of the Differentiated Approaches
Assem Rakhimbekova
Feruza Aliyeva
NIS C&B in Karaganda

Simulation-Assisted Open Inquiry Learning Model in Teaching Physics: Effects on Students’ Conceptual Understanding and Problem-Solving Skills
Princess Tobias Arguelles
Nurgul Bokhanova
Ainur Kenebayeva
NIS P&M in Shymkent

Development of Research and Design Skills Based on the Generation of New Ideas Through the Integrated Use of Conceptual Learning
Bakytzhan Issina
NIS C&B in Karaganda

Differentiated Tasks in Argumentative Writing: Meeting the Diverse Needs of Learners at English Lessons
Aigul Suleimenova
NIS C&B in Karaganda

Venera Mussarova
Director, Department for Human Resources Management, NIS AEO

Recreation Hall 2
Second floor
Breakout sessions 4
4.8. Presentation of Action Research results (group 7)

Improving Students’ Writing Skills Using Different Ways of Giving Feedback
Bilych Yu
Dina Urazbekova
NIS P&M in Taraz

Is It Possible to Improve Students’ Analytical Skills Using Graphic Organizers in Kazakh Language Classes?
Akbota Taubaldiyeva
NIS C&B in Karaganda

Argument-Driven Differentiated Classroom: Effective Influence on Student Performance and Teacher Professional Development
Baktygul Segizbayeva
Sholpan Khairullina
Ainash Zhassybayeva
Aliya Sergaliyeva
NIS P&M in Uralsk

Methods of Advancing Individual Work Skills Through Kaplan Icons on the Lessons of Kazakhstan’s History
Maral Alikulova
NIS P&M in Kostanay

Using Creative Approach to Develop Learners’ Language Skills
Ardak Akhmetova
Maral Shotkina
International School of Astana

Interrelation of the Main Didactic Principles of Teaching Physics at Secondary School
Salamat Ashirova
Smail Amanbayev
Chandan Pal Singh
NIS C&B in Shymkent

The Development of Reading Skills on English Lessons for Grade of 5A Students Through the Usage of Text Comprehension Exercises
Saltanat Alimgazina
Yevgeniya Lobanova
NIS P&M in Taldykorgan

Irina Madeyeva
Senior Manager, Department for Human Resources Management, NIS AEO
Gulzat Salikova
Senior Manager Department for Human Resources Management, NIS AEO

Hall 5
Second floor
Breakout sessions 4
4.9. SHARE session. Creating a reflective and professional community of educators

Perspectives on research in teacher professional development
Gulzhanat Abdamanova
school-gymnasium No. 67, Astana

What is the impact of feedback on a child’s independent

Ayagoz Karimova
school-lyceum No. 37, Astana

Data collection based on speaking skills
Aigul Hablekber
school-lyceum No. 76, Astana

Defining the scope and formulating the research object
Kairly Zhumakhanov
school No. 50, Astana

The importance of using the book “Education – an introduction to research methods” while doing Action Research
Madina Nurtoleu
school-lyceum No. 59, Astana

Achieving results through observation in Action Research
Arai Sulkeyeva
school No. 56, Astana

Research Project – Modern Special Education Teacher
Tatyana Voronko
special school No. 2, Astana

Monitoring the impact of action research on the child: growing interest, motivation
Gulzat Kussepova
school No. 53, Astana

Methodological aspect as one of the ways to solve the research issue
Sholpan Selikhanova
school No. 72, Astana

What type of support motivates the student
Bakytgul Zhumasheva
school No. 58, Astana


Hall 1
First floor
Breakout sessions 4
4.10. Digital Teacher: Reboot

• Digital tools for the lesson – attention activation, assessment, practical work, virtual classrooms, quizzes
Zoya Zhurbenko, Anar Tayapbergenova
(NIS of Semey)
Laura Baykhanova, Gulnur Salimzhanova, Assel Zhantassova, Danagul Beyssenbayeva, Meruert Temirkhanova, Diyar Kundakbayev, Shyryn Mulkibayeva, Saliya Sakenova
(International School of Astana)
Alima Kurbangaliyeva, Nesibeli Nuriddin
(NIS of Astana)
• Mythbusters – about programming in kindergarten and elementary school, girl programmers and programming outside of computer science classes
• EdTech companies for teachers (technology solutions beyond the textbook, STEAM, robots and mobile devices in schools)

Yerlan Meirbek
Director, Department of Change Management, NIS AEO

Hall 3
First floor
Breakout sessions 4
4.11. Early childhood education

G-reat A-pporoaches M-astering E-ssential S-kills
Fariza Mamasheva
International School of Astana
Cheremie Dela Cruz
International School of Astana

Developing communication skills (speaking and listening) of children through elements of critical thinking
Makhfuza Zhanpeisova
International School of Astana

TRIZ (Theory of solving of inventive problems) as a support of children’s speech development
Gulzat Kaparova
International School of Astana
Aisulu Tuyakbayeva
International School of Astana

Musical savings box (master class)
Zhanna Karimbayeva
nternational School of Astana

Aziza Nurgazinova
PYP Coordinator, International School of Astana