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Gulbakhyt Menlibekova

Doctor of Education (Kazakh National Pedagogical University), Professor (Eurasian National University), Academician of the International Academy of Pedagogical Education Sciences (Russia).

Being a scholar in the field of theory and methodology of professional education, Dr. Menlibekova has conducted an extensive amount of research in the field of education. She has authored papers that discuss methodological problems of research in the field of education. Professor Menlibekova graduated with honors from Taldykorgan Pedagogical Institute in 1983 specializing in pedagogy and psychology. By the decree of the Ministry of Education of the Kazakh SSR, she worked as a teacher in Taldykorgan Pedagogical Institute. In 1986, Dr. Menlibekova studied at the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of the USSR, Russia. Professor Menlibekova has worked as Dean of the Faculty of Education at Eurasian National University, Dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences of the Kazakh University of Economy, Finance and International Trade and as the Head of Academic Department at Zhetysu State University, Eurasian Institute of Humanities, Financial Academy. She has also served as an advisor to the Rector of Eurasian National University and worked as Director of Research Institute for Higher Education at Eurasian National University. Dr. Menlibekova has supervised 15 doctoral students and candidates of sciences in the field of pedagogy and psychology who successfully defended their works under her leadership. She has been part of four research projects in education.

KERA International Conference, 9-11 February 2017: Keynote Speaker

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